Barefoot Buttons V1 - Brass

Barefoot Buttons V1 - Brass

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Barefoot Button V1 Brass attaches to the footswitch of your pedal and makes the pedals more pleasant and accurate to turn on and off.

  • Easy installation, attaches to the shaft of the footswitch with three hex-screws.
  • Allen key for screws included.

Barefoot Button is an easy customization option for all musicians that use pedals. You simply fit this attractive cap over an switch, making your pedal more accurate and controllable to perform with.

Pedaalilauta Barefoot Buttoneilla

If you play barefoot, it’s crucial for comfort, but even with shoes there are significant advantages to having these custom caps on pedals. At the same time, you will improve the look of your pedalboard and even make it perform better.

Different versions and their applications:

  • Version 1 fits the most common footswitch type, the 3PDT. (Fulltone, Keeley, Mad Professor, Walrus Audio, Friedman etc.)

Barefoot Button v1 kuva ja kokotietoa

  • Version 2 fits SPST type footswitch, (new Mad Professor pedals, Wampler V2 series etc.).

Barefoot Button v2 kuva ja kokotietoa

Few things about V1 & V2 versions

  • Acrylic button (both V1 & V2) works best when LED is near the footswitch, because it enhances the LED visibility in dark stages.
  • Tall Boy (both V1 & V2) lets you raise the profile of your pedals significantly.
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